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The Lowdown Dirty Facts about Flying with Spirit

Have you ever flown on an a la carte airline before? Where you get ONLY what you pay for? If you’re use to the plush accommodations from airlines like Virgin or Delta, you’re in for a rude awakening. Unless you’re like me and rather be uncomfortable for a few hours on a cheap flight to paradise versus an expensive flight leaving only enough funds to book a room in a smelly, back alley motel, then Spirit may be the way to fly! Don’t throw caution to the wind when booking your flights because your ticket can easily double in price because of the baggage and seat selections fees to and from. Ready for the scoop on Spirit? Keep scrolling for the lowdown dirty facts and whether or not I’d fly with them again.

Baggage Fees

I thought the standard was one carry-on and/or your 1st checked bag flies for free. Boy oh boy was I mistaken. As of April 2017, Spirit Airlines charges $39 for a carry-on and $32 for a checked bag. Nope, it’s not a one-time charge. You’re charged baggage fees to and from your destination. Thankfully you’re allowed one personal item like a purse and a backpack. So, to save a few bucks, my husband and I decided to stuff all we could into one checked bag and put the rest in my purse/tote bag and his backpack. Instead of paying $156 in addition to our base ticket price we only paid $64. Score!

Note: Oversized checked bags (over 41 lbs.) are an additional $30! Our bag was a pound or two over that. Luckily, we had a great ticketing agent that let us slide.

Seat Selection Fees

If you’re fine with the airline randomly selecting a seat for you which will likely be in the back of the plane then this fee won’t apply. If you’re traveling with your SOS then you’ll likely want to sit together. It’s gonna cost you! To select a seat, the price ranges from $8-18 per seat per way.

No Free Snacks or Drinks

Not even a snack sized pack of peanuts. If you’ve got the munchies, pay $3-7 for some cookies, Chex or trail mix. If you need to quench your thirst, it’ll cost you $2-3 for a soda.

Boarding Pass Printing Fee

Spirit recommends that you Check-in online and print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport I did so and was told that TSA was having trouble scanning the passes printed at home so the ticket agent printed our ticket. Normally, this would cost $10 per ticket. At the kiosk it costs a couple bucks. Be sure to at least check in online to avoid costs like this.

No Entertainment

There’s no TV, no WIFI, no magazines aboard this flight. You’d better bring a good book or prepare for a nice long nap (if you don’t snore).

Limited Legroom

If you’re over 5’9 be prepared to feel cramped! Unless you choose a seat in the exit row or a Big Seat at the front of the plane for an extra cost of course, you will be very uncomfortable.

With all that being said, I have to mention the positives I noticed. Besides the dirt cheap ticket price, the ticketing agents were pleasant and the plane was always on time. The flight was smooth with attentive flight attendants. If I’m taking a short trip or going on a solo trip, I’d definitely fly with Spirit again. The price is simply unbeatable. I’m perfectly fine with sacrificing a few hours of comfort for a luxurious stay in paradise.



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