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My Life Summed Up in 10 Quotes

Being a mother and a wife is not for the weak! Besides trial and error and advice from my elders, there’s no perfect way to parent or be a wife. Although this life ain’t easy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. Well, maybe I’d change my financial situation but then again you know what they say, mo’ money, mo’ problems. And ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here’s 10 quotes that sum up my life at this very moment. Let me know which you can relate to.

under constructionI’m constantly trying to be a better me. Along the way I’ve stumbled and fell flat on my face often. Best thing about tripping and falling is that I pick myself up, dust off my knees and keep pushin’. I still haven’t figured out this called life but I’m a eager student and explorer. Check out Inc.’s article on becoming a better person in 7 days.

Love godOh yes! I’m a strong, God-fearing woman and I do love a little Future, Migos, Gucci Mane and a hint of Jeezy.


It’s not that I like expensive stuff, it’s that I want lots of inexpensive stuff. When I attempt to go on a spending spree, my bank account punches me in the gut and reminds me that money doesn’t come easy so I better stretch every last dollar like a rubber band. Find money saving tips from Tony Robbins and more here.


image quoteBecause he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. However, when I catch a glimpse of my overgrown gut as I pass by a mirror, my head quickly drops from the clouds in realization that this weight has got to go!

parenting quote

Lawd! I’ve always wanted a baby girl not realizing how difficult it is to handle them as they morph from cute and cuddly to lil’ diva to tweenzilla. I use to beat myself, feeling inadequate because of her mistakes but I’m slowly realizing I’m doing the best I can.

good writer quo

My goal is to become a freelance writer successfully juggling multiple clients while raking in enough dough to leave my corporate job, stay home to raise my kids, travel and get my nails done once in awhile. Not too much to ask right?! Know a freelance writing coach or mentor? Drop their info below. Mucho gracias


I desire to write things people want to read and get inspired or informed. I want to do things and go places that pour so much into my soul that enlightenment runneth over.

travel quote

Yall, I’ve caught the travel bug! I’m ready to see the world (mentally not financially, yet)! Baby steps because your girl is on a budget! S/N…I’m going to Puerto Rico in 4 days! Check out that post here.


Travel the world. Write all day everyday. Surround myself with a tribe of ambitious supportive girlfriends. Nurture and groom my daughters and son to be successful human beings. Love on my husband like no one’s watching. That all sounds like #Goals to me!

do what you love

I think this one is self-explanatory. Like you, I’m pursuing what I love which is writing. Yea, pay would be great but I understand that takes time. The plan is to continue blogging on this site as well as guests for other blogs, websites and magazines. Know someone looking for bloggers, help a sister out and drop the deets below or email on the contact page here. Thanks so much in advance.

Stay sweet, gorgeous and remember to never ever give up on daydream


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